VIII National Scientific Conference INNOVATION IN PRACTICE

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Please be advised that this year's participation in the conference is FREE for everyone

Meeting and workshop coordinator:
Dr hab. inż. Tomasz Klepka, prof. PL (mob. 0048 502265207)

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The conference will also include the DIALOG Energy Harvesting Workshop.
Workshop topics Energy Harvesting is about recovering energy from the environment in an urbanized environment, in particular in industrial settings. This field is gaining attention due to the growing demand for electricity, eliminates the need to search for fossil energy sources and is beneficial for society and the environment. As part of the workshop, lecture sessions are planned to present scientific achievements and panel discussion sessions for entrepreneurs and scientists. The detailed program of the workshops is still being supplemented.

We invite you to register your participation by sending a message to

The workshops are organized as part of the DIALOG program financed by the Ministry of Science and Education (DIALOG 0019/DLG/2019/10).

We also invite you to the accompanying event:
International INNO-WINGS Exhibition


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